About Us

Eddie Odoms

Edward D. Odoms is a relationship builder, community philanthropist and mentor to children in the communities of Vancouver & Portland. His company Odoms Home Mold quickly became the go-to mold solution for hundreds of realtors in the Vancouver & Portland area.

Eddie has the top certifications in his industry. He follows protocols based on guidelines from the ANSI/IICRC S520 and EPA, which include controlling the contamination at the source and removing the contamination by using HEPA vacuuming and applying a safe EPA registered mold killing product.

Eddie understands the realtor’s culture and his company is designed to work hand in hand with the needs of realtors and their clients. 

The business focuses on getting both sides of a real estate transaction to closing on time when mold is found inside. He guarantees that clients will have the most positive mold experience possible.

Eddie's other passions include being able to volunteer at FISH a local food bank. He gives donations to local food banks each time he is invited to present at a real estate office. He is a mentor with Teach One to Lead One, a national organization that works with youth in the local schools to give them tools to become our world’s next great leaders.

Trevor Burns

Trevor R. Burns is the lead technician for Odoms Home Mold Remediation. This man’s work ethic convinced me to grow my business and teach him everything I know about the real estate mold industry. He is certified in mold remediation and follows all protocols based on the guidelines from the ANSI/IICRC S520 and EPA.

Trevor knows the importance of keeping your family safe and everyone calm when it comes to mold issues. Trevor is dedicated to taking great care of realtors and their clients. He is a passionate individual who always goes above and beyond expectations I set for him. Trevor is trustworthy, hardworking, and even a better man than he knows.

He does not quit until he is satisfied that the job was done right. He strives to be the best at anything he does and takes pride in his work. Outside of work, Trevor’s passions include being outdoors to fish, spending time with family and his dog Roxy.