Attic Inspection & Treatment

The primary purpose of attics is to separate the roof from the rest of the structure, making it easy to insulate up top while allowing airflow beneath the roof decking or sheathing. The attic is also the easiest place to have mold issues

Molds in the Attic

Mold is rarely a reason to walk away from a real estate deal. The majority of mold is generally located in the none living spaces and can cleaned by HEPA vacuuming and applying an EPA registered mold killing solution.

Mold infestation starts from prolonged moisture exposure in the area. Spaces that commonly don’t have proper ventilation like the attic can cause accumulation of escape gases that may lead to moisture over time. Blocked intake vents, blocked exhaust venting, bathroom fans vented directly into the attic space, dryer exhaust blowing warm moist air and lent into the space. The lent usually makes its way in the attic vents and blocking warm airs exit.

All of this moisture finds its way into the attic until mold starts growing on the surfaces with the condensation. We don’t normally frequent the attic so it may be late before we discover that we are breeding molds up our heads!

Attic Mold Removal

Odoms Home Mold Remediation provides a great quality solution for this problem. We make attics, crawlspaces and living spaces our specialty. Our process is simple but labor intensive. There are no shortcuts to proper mold remediation. HEPA vacuuming and hand brushing all surfaces that have mold. We make sure to let clients know that no corrosive or bleaching is done to remove staining. These toxic products contain water which can penetrate surfaces and create a mold problem down the road. Not to mention the corrosion of very important metal

building materials. We kill stop the mold from growing and our Letter of Completion certifies the treated area.