Free Mold Inspections

We believe every aspect of a mold inspection must work toward a permanent resolution. It is Eddie’s passion to not leave a mess behind after a inspection or treatment.

Very few homeowners venture into the attic or crawl space while living in a home for years and years. The environment in your homes attic or crawl space can change and become conductive to growing mold. Let us crawl around and save your building materials before mold deteriorates it.

Odoms Home Mold Remediation provides FREE mold inspection if you think you are experiencing signs of possible mold infestation. The inspection comes with a full report and quote same day.

If you have recently experienced the following:

1. Home Inspection called out dark or white staining on sheathing or floor joist.

2. Water damage in your home

3. Leaking and rusting pipes

4. Strange odor (damp and musty)

5. Paint chipping, wallpaper peeling, and deteriorating drywalls

6. Ongoing respiratory problems

7. Ongoing flu like symptoms

These are all indications that your may have mold growing in your home or commercial property. The inspection is done by a Certified Indoor Environmentalist. Free Mold Inspections are not only offered to residential homes but also for businesses and office spaces.

It is best to catch mold problems early on to avoid a more costly remediation in the future. Get a piece of mind with one of our free home inspections by contacting us today.