Protect Your Property

When you’re trying to sell your home, little things can make a big difference. Potential buyers may be turned off by some lumber yard mold on a post in the crawlspace or a little mold at the bottom of a bedroom closet. Or perhaps they don’t see any mold at all, but their noses tell them something is amiss.

The savvy home buyer, suspecting mold contamination, may ask for a mold inspection from a professional mold remediation company. If mold is discovered, it can derail the transaction or, at the very least, provide a reason for a reduced sale price. Odoms Home Mold Remediation is here to keep both sides at the table and closings on schedule.

Odoms Home Mold Remediation specializes in attic, crawl space and living space mold issues for the real estate market. As the area's most sought after mold remediation company, we are well aware of the effects that mold can have on a property. If the problem is not dealt with in a timely manner, the threat of mold can become an issue.

If you recently had a roof leak or other water intrusions your home or business and are worried about a potential mold problem, or you think you may already have mold growth, contact the experts at Odoms Home Mold Remediation today for a complete mold inspection and mold remediation.

Ways to prevent mold and keep it from coming back:

Avoid the issue entirely by addressing your mold problem now. Odoms Home Mold Remediation offers visual inspections for the presence of mold and, can outline a

mold treatment protocol for your home. We will isolate contaminated areas, sanitize. In addition, we’ll suggest other actions you can take to ensure the problem doesn’t recur. They include:

  • Disposal of materials that support mold growth
  • Waterproofing your basement or crawlspace
  • Installation of an effective and automatic basement or crawlspace dehumidifier
  • Insulation of pipes and ducts to reduce condensation
  • Improved ventilation at sources of moisture, including kitchen and bathroom vents
  • Proper sized vents according to building codes should be installed and regularly cleaned to assist in proper airflow throughout the attic
  • Attic should have the proper amount of insulation according buildings codes.
  • All ventilation should be directed to outside of the house to avoid moisture buildup from ventilated air from within the house.
  • Do not store cardboard in the attic space.
  • Paint or primer should never be allied to sheathing to cover mold until it has been killed first.
  • High-performance HVAC filters and whole-house air cleaners